Project status:
In Development

Tortured Life

Genre – Offbeat conspiracy/fantasy thriller – UK
Episodes – 6 parts
Writer: Neil Gibson
Director: TBC
Producer: John Smallcombe, Terence Gross, Neil Gibson
Executive Producer: Alberto Maria Gallotti

Adapted from the acclaimed Graphic Novel by Neil Gibson, this limited series is reminiscent of live action adaptions like End of the Fucking World and Preacher. It tells the story of Richard, a young man with some memory issues who develops the unwanted ability to see how everyone he meets is going to die. His life is ripped to pieces. On the point of suicide, he meets Alice, recently dead, but more vital and challenging than anyone he has ever met before. With Alice to guide him, Richard learns of a dark conspiracy that is experimenting on living subjects in its goal to break down the gateway between life and death to achieve immortality. His journey takes him on a twisted trajectory into his own past and brings him into conflict with the Order – who want him for their experiments. Pursued by the Order and the terrifying and mysterious Bloody Man, Richard and Alice make a series of shocking discoveries that will ultimately reveal the secret behind life and death and the truth of his origin.

Materials – Pitch Deck, IP Original Novel in 6 parts