The Retreat Project
July 9, 2021
They come in the summer season - the seekers, the yogis, the lost ones, the crazed, fresh out of rehab, the sex addicts, the predators, the believers, the deluded and the foodists - sooner or later they wind up at Il Santuario - The place the drop out, let emotions run free and ruin the lives of the hosts for another week.
In The Company of Thieves
July 9, 2021
Feature documentary – Our first co-production – Dave Gander is a lifelong surfer with a passion to get away from the crowded mainstream beaches and find his perfect wave somewhere, anywhere else.
Derailed Preview
July 9, 2021
Derailed is a series that documents one curious person’s journey into overcoming life’s greatest challenges with help from famous and undiscovered people who have been to hell and brought back treasures.