Project status:
In Development

The Magic Bus

Genre – Alternative Culture/Racing
Episodes – 6 parts
Director: Nick Read, Piotr Karter, Terence Gross,
Producer: Piotr Karter – Nima Studios
Executive Producer: Alberto Maria Gallotti, John Smallcombe

Think of a VW bus and some universal images spring to mind: A Perfect Family on a road trip through the Alps. Or maybe a group of Hippies in Afghan coats at a festival tripping on mushrooms or dancing beside their rainbow-coloured camper van. The VW bus is an icon, a symbol of freedom and adventure and counter-culture. So what kind of maniac would want to drag race a road legal VW bus at speeds in excess of 140mph – without even a safety cage? No-one could possibly be that insane.
Meet our racers – Chez, Trev, Andy, Katja and Adrian…Five speed freaks with an obsessive love for their buses. No sponsors, no money and a lot of life issues ranging from covid and cancer to financial collapse and marriage crises – but this crew has heart and loyalty to each other. This series follows their journeys as they compete to build the fastest VW Van on the planet and risk their lives to beat the holy grail of the drag strip – the 10 second quarter mile.

Materials – Pitch Deck, Trailer, NDA’s with all featured performers