Project status:
In Development

The Maggot People

Genre – Action Thriller – International
Episodes – 7 parts
Writer: Henning Koch
Director: TBC
Producer: John Smallcombe, Terence Gross
Executive Producer: Alberto Maria Gallotti

When Michael, a young Englishman living in a small town in the south of France, sees a mysterious Spanish woman in the main square, he falls for her and they become lovers. Soon she starts telling him that as a consequence of their love-making he will shortly turn into “a maggot person” just as she is herself – basically a human skin stuffed with maggots, only the brain left intact. Before long, he finds himself transformed into exactly such a maggot person, and pursued by unknown murderous agents.

The novel “The Maggot People” (published 2014) is dramatized here as a fast-paced fantasy thriller moving seamlessly from Provence, Sardinia, Barcelona, and Rome, all the while casting a satirical eye on immortality, power, and other cliché elements of Vatican conspiracy theory: “priests with guns.” Maggot people, whose secret, subterranean church has existed in Rome for two thousand years, have invented an ideology to make sense of their situation. They have the possibility of eternal life – one of the cornerstones of Christian belief – and yet, as we are about to find out, permanent life it is not necessarily a good thing.

Materials – Pitch Deck, Episode Breakdown, IP Original Novel