Project status:
In Development

The Finishing School

Genre – Young Adult thriller – UK
Episodes – 8 parts
Writer: Henning Koch, Terence Gross
Director: TBC
Producer: John Smallcombe
Executive Producer: Alberto Maria Gallotti

Six young offenders, each with unique talents and problems, are thrown together in a rehabilitation program housed in a remote mansion in Cumbria. If they complete the course their lives will be back on track. If they fail, they face, jail, psychiatric hospital or worse. But all is not as it seems – the rehab centre, financed by The Come-Back Foundation, is far from being a soft option. The group is confronted with a series of psychological tests and challenges that seem designed to break them, rather than heal them, and the staff at the centre are remote, mysterious and not as benign as they first appeared. It seems that the business of the Come-Back Foundation is about “curing” young criminals of their dysfunction using experimental and untested techniques. As suspicious about each other as they are about the program, the group of damaged young people at first falls into conflict and paranoia, but soon collectively realize that they must work together to overcome their situation.

Materials – Pitch Deck