Project status:
In Development

Perfect Fool

Genre –Comedy action drama – UK
Episodes – Series 1 – 8 parts
Writer: Terence Gross
Director:Terence Gross and TBC
Producer: John Smallcombe
Executive Producer: Alberto Maria Gallotti

The near future – maybe – London is ruled by gangs of duelists – They all have their territories and they mostly co-exist, until Klaus, leader of the Heidelbergs, has the bright idea of inviting over the Japanese…Sam is a train-wreck, a loser and a dreamer, obsessed with the idea of becoming a warrior. She practices hard, wears a lot of black and has the haircut, but she can’t afford a real Katana – and her Tourrette Syndrome is so bad she’s on eight kinds of medication just to function at all. Enter the Master – Itches – a blind Jamaican Origami artist who might be a a reincarnation of Zatoichi, the legendary Samurai. As Sam sets out on a campaign to make Itches her master a bloody gang war erupts across New Camden and the real sword masters begin to reveal themselves in strange and unpredictable ways.

London Samurai is a collision of pure Zen, living Manga and Sixties style hipster
psychedelia, combined into an adrenaline-fuelled dazzling fight spectacle.

Materials – Pitch Deck, Full Pilot Screenplay, full episode Breakdown, Character breakdown